The COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus) has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. This virus, of which there is not yet a reliable vaccine, now requires new hygiene, protection, and safety measures. And football, a sport that seats thousands of people in a stadium, is threatened. For this reason, football clubs and governments demand extreme protection and security measures for all their fans to avoid further spread of the virus.

And that’s why Football Fan Mask was launched, to equip fans with premium masks while supporting their favorite team in the stadium. We are passionate football fanatics who are committed to supplying fans with an endless supply of safety masks. We saw the potential risk of Coronavirus to football, and as fanatics, we thought we needed to do something to help.

Our mission is to provide football fans with custom antivirus and hygienic masks (those that help protect against COVID-19, NOT those that can be made at home with regular fabrics).

And since you now need a mask when going to the football stadium or simply visiting your local shop. We offer a wide selection of masks that carries the shield of your favorite team. That said, all our masks are hygienic, FFP2 self-filtering, or FFP3 self-filtering. You shouldn’t go to a football game with a homemade mask; they aren’t safe. Going to a football game with a mask made with standard fabric, even if it has a double layer, can put you and other fans at risk.

Preventing the virus from spreading further will depend on all fans, and without adequate hygienic and protection measures, such as protective hygiene masks, another long lockdown and suspension of football could return. But at Football Fan Mask, we have you well covered.